Prisca is the co-founder and creative director of HMN Creative, a creative studio specializing in creative content and event production. It is dedicated to representing and expanding pre-conceived notions of human identities through art. In addition, it aims to create a creative community and a platform for underrepresented artists.


Shifting the viewer's focus from the dominant-submissive and sexual implications  typically  associated  with Shibari, and towards the emotional exchange between two people.

Creating a space wherein both partners are equally empowered by their consent to engage with each other and embracing their vulnerability.

While paying homage to the origins of Kinbaku, HMN Creative worked with KMDD (kissmedeadlydoll) to look at the artform through a modern lens, making a statement on how choice leads to empowerment.

Creative Directed & Produced by HMN Creative

Shibari by Kissmedeadlydoll

Photos by Rachel Thalia

Styling by Nina Cuso

Hair & Makeup by Justine Sierakowski

Set Dresser, Jess Costa

Production Assistant, Sophia Huebschman


Unlike the immaculately smooth curves of traditional bodyscapes, FOLDS highlights the soft spaces of the human body: the bumps, lines, and marks that are typically hidden away.

By focusing on these “flaws,” the photographs feature our textures and colors as exquisite, making them necessary to the composition of the photo.

Magnifying these folds separates them from the recognizable human figure that we’re instinctually trained to judge, and redirects the viewer to appreciate the natural human form.

Creative Directed & Produced by HMN Creative

Photos by Chelsey Sinclair



Kyra Ferguson

Madi Dangerously

Marina Espinet

Shaira Chaer


“Ultimately, I can do it all, because my identity is never just one thing at any given moment. I can be soft and stern, I can be rough and tender, I can be masc and femme.”

Creative Directed & Produced by HMN Creative

Photos by Bao Ngo

Featuring Sammy Kim


girl·ish / adjective

of, like, or characteristic of womxn who cultivate their own identity, and defy traditional norms

Creative Directed & Produced by HMN Creative

Photos by Elena Mudd

Editing Assistant Jane Kye

Editing Assistant Jess Costa